Websites have Global Potential – Multi-language Content is a Must

internet language stat 2017

A website is a gateway to the world.

If a company speaks only English on its website it’s ignoring over half the world’s Internet users.

Regardless of how large, sophisticated or costly – or how simple and inexpensive a company’s website may be, it’s accessible to millions of people in hundreds of countries worldwide. Website databases, like Tritti have 20-50 millions domains today.

This kind of global coverage was impossible to achieve by any means just a few short years ago, but too many websites are still ignoring the tremendous opportunities this reach represents.

If a company’s website is in English only it means that millions of people will bypass it in favor of other websites in their own language.

Internet World Stats says there are 948.6 million people using the Internet who speak English. But there are also 751.9 million Chinese speakers and 277.1 Spanish speakers who don’t use English when they log on. (Internet World Users by Language, 27 April 2017)

If a business sells its products in other countries, unless its website is available in the languages spoken there the company will have little ability to communicate with them other than through a distributor or agent. Read On…

Optimizing Content for a Profitable Blogging Experience

Content Optimization

These four optimizing tips will help you be on your way to profiting from a moneymaking blog.

Blogging for money entails more than just putting content up on a hosted domain. In addition to finding a money making niche and posting regularly, the content needs optimizing for both human readers and search engines.

Too often sites do not follow four simple rules to optimizing their content.

First, the content has to provide a service to the reader. Second, the tone and voice of the article is extremely important. Third, it needs backing by good research. And fourth, it needs to be optimized with the correct keywords and phrases within the article. Read On…

Innovation in Business

Business innovation

How to Combine Efficiency and Innovation for Business Success

To be successful, businesses need efficiency AND innovation, individual AND team innovation. Also, their form of innovation must fit their business model.

The importance of innovation in creating or maintaining competitive advantage is undeniable today.

Doubters argue that innovation is too easily copied, so why bother?

But that is a reason to push for smarter and faster innovation; otherwise failure is inevitable.

Businesses that accept the need to innovate are searching for a recipe or model that shows them how to achieve success through innovation. Read On…

How to choose a good domain name for a website

Seo optimization

Choosing a good domain name is very important for your business because it is just not your domain name it literally is your online business identity. It is one of the most important factors in establishing your brand it requires a lot of brainstorming and a good approach considering the nature of your business.

A good domain name must tell about the nature of your business. A good domain name means more traffic to your website and more business. Your domain name must represent you and your business.

Key points of choosing your domain name.

1. Be picky

Keep your business nature in mind and search the internet as much as you can, it may take a day but the effort will be worth it. Search for as many domain name providers as you can but keep your own chosen keywords in mind.

2. Choosing the words

keep the words simple, with easy spellings for people to find it easy to type and search for your website. If you use slang or words with multiple spellings like paxtaexprexx instead of pastaexpress it might be hard for your potential customers to find you. The words you choose decide the fate of your business.

3. The length of domain name

keep it short and precise yet meaningful. Longer domain names can be problematic for people to type or memorize.

4. SEO for domain name

Use the words which are common and most searched to gain popularity in lesser time. It also brings more sales to your business. Read On…

Most important Google ranking factors in 2017

In the world of advanced technology and ever growing competition among the websites to stay the best and to stay on top when it comes to Google ranking it is very important to take care of several factors.

These are a backbone of every website when it comes to popularity and success of your business.

We all know that Google is the best and most popular search engine and first choice of people when they want to search for anything on the internet. Google has always had it’s lines for people to follow for their websites in order to stay on top of search list.

You cannot depend upon the old fashioned rules and tips to stay on top the new year 2017 brings a new list of criterias for you to follow and keep your website shining

You must know that there are more than 200 factors used by Google in determining your website ranking.

Keep reading to check which factors in 2017 influence your website ranking the most

1. Links:

One of two most important and continued factors is links, by links Google means that the name of your website or its content is referred to by other websites or webpages. You cannot play around with Google algorithms and even if you try to the consequences is serious penalty against you.

So it is important to try to develop some solid links and build your goodwill in the eyes of Google, because when you have many good links Google believes that you are a trustworthy website. Read On…