How to choose a good domain name for a website

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Choosing a good domain name is very important for your business because it is just not your domain name it literally is your online business identity. It is one of the most important factors in establishing your brand it requires a lot of brainstorming and a good approach considering the nature of your business.

A good domain name must tell about the nature of your business. A good domain name means more traffic to your website and more business. Your domain name must represent you and your business.

Key points of choosing your domain name.

1. Be picky

Keep your business nature in mind and search the internet as much as you can, it may take a day but the effort will be worth it. Search for as many domain name providers as you can but keep your own chosen keywords in mind.

2. Choosing the words

keep the words simple, with easy spellings for people to find it easy to type and search for your website. If you use slang or words with multiple spellings like paxtaexprexx instead of pastaexpress it might be hard for your potential customers to find you. The words you choose decide the fate of your business.

3. The length of domain name

keep it short and precise yet meaningful. Longer domain names can be problematic for people to type or memorize.

4. SEO for domain name

Use the words which are common and most searched to gain popularity in lesser time. It also brings more sales to your business.

5. Target audience

If you use names of your city or of your country it will be even more beneficial, people mostly try to locate products and especially services in their vicinity.

6. Avoid number

Do not put numbers, dashes or hyphens, it will make your website look complicated and not attractive at all causing difficulty for people to memorize your identity or even find you at all.

7. Misspellings

You may want to get a domain compromising even if it is misspelled, don’t do those misspellings can make people think suspicious of you or your business when people cannot trust you or your business how can you expect good sales?

The other disadvantage of a misspelled domain name is that someone may take advantage of your misspelled domain name and create one with correct spellings, in this way a huge amount of traffic which wants to look up for you may be redirected to the correct spelled site, Right spellings look more professional.

8. Avoid names that can infringe another company’s name

Do not copy someone else’s brand name or trademarks, it may lead to legal consequences and suspension of your domain which will result in a total loss of your business and its reputation.

Anyone can sue you for using their brand name, using someone else’s domain can also cause confusion and frustration among people, which is not good for going concern of your business.

To avoid such problems, make sure you do your research properly before registering your name. It is always best to check everything in advance and be sure, a little carelessness doesn’t destroy a good business before it has started earning for you.

9. Unique, yet memorable

Pick a domain name which is not only unique but also memorable to distinguish your business identity from competitors. Picking a unique name doesn’t just make you stand out, but also make room in the hearts of people, which is very beneficial for businesses in the long run.

10. Be careful about promotions

Yes! Be very careful when you are buying your domain name some companies may sell you a domain name very cheap like $10 for 5 years, but when the promotion expires, they may send you a huge bill in thousands of dollars to pay at once. Be careful with those promotions and read the terms and conditions carefully before buying the domain name.

11. Explore expiring domains

Try to find about to be expired domain names, you might come across one with a very good reputation and very good links. In this way you get an an already successful business and just continue to have get fruits of someone else’s hard work. You must be cautious of not buying a domain name which is already blacklisted or has had a bad reputation, it must not be infringing someone else’s website in any way.

12. The .com frenz

.com is is one of the oldest yet most polular extension so far, literaly more than 75% of all websites have .com as preferred extension to their domains. Doubtlessly .com is the most preferred extension for being so popular ome about ot be ewith people, moreover, it is at everyone’s finger tips while one types a domain name. One thing to keep in mind is that many browsers accept address-only in their search address bar. If you type just the domain name they might returns by default, to the “.com” site of your website.

13. Other Extension

Now with a vast variety of extensions, ranging from .pasta, .play to .entertainment e.t.c
Businesses now have more ways to create a unique website name that tells about the nature of their business. The new extensions are short and easy just like .com. Another advantage is that they don’t have any negative effect of your google ranking in any way if you are following other guidelines to stay on top on google’s search engine.

14. Act quickly

Technology is fast, growth is fast, in fact, the world is fast so you also make sure you act fast and get the desired domain name before someone else gets it

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